Saturday, March 29, 2008

Great Wedding Idea

Tonight we went to our old nanny's wedding and it was really beautiful.  Besides the lovely church, beautiful music and her most stunning gown there was, brace yourself........A CANDY BAR!  Does it get better?  She found all of these enormous vases and filled them with different candies.  There were tall ones, fat ones, round and flat ones and they were all filled with candy.  Then she provided little cellophane gift bags to fill to your heart's delight and sealed with a ribbon and note that simply said "Thank You".   It was heavenly.  My girls shoved their mouths full of hot tamales, M &Ms, little tiny mints, malted milk balls and hershey kisses and now they have a stomach ache.  Do you think it will keep them from filling themselves with so much sugar next time?  My guess is not a chance.

The picture on the left is kinda what it looked like.  I'd like to take off the shoe picture but so far I am not computer savvy enough.

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