Saturday, March 29, 2008

Love/Hate Target

OK, so we all love Target with a fiery hot passion, yes? But, seriously, do they have a special brand of stupidness reserved just for those that work there on Saturday afternoons? The checker girl thought it was a good idea to put several boxes of cereal and crackers into one bag and then stuff 4 bottles of wine (shut up, not the point here) into the same bag. And then hand it to me. I explained THREE times that the bag was going to rip, that it was too heavy, that it was too full, to double bag it, anyone home in there? Can you hear me? I finally re-bagged the items myself while she stood there, at a complete loss as to what the problem was. I did remain polite though, until I got outside. Then I called Kim and had to bitch about all the stupid people who are let out on Saturdays to roam free.


Kim/2 Kids said...

That made me smile. Do you have any wine left?

CP3Kids said...

Hmmmm, only 2 glasses tonight in the past 5 hours. Stupid work.