Friday, March 28, 2008

Things that piss me off.

1. Twitter will not let Kim and I both post our Twitters, even though we have two different accounts. WTF?

2. It has been snowing all day. In Seattle. The last week of March. I am done with the cold.

3. The people who owned our house before us. Seriously people, did you not exercise one ounce of common sense when you lived here? I am sick of ripping out every single thing you did and doing it correctly. At least I use professionals who bring a clue with them.

4. I had to get a box to put all of my files in to bring home over the weekend. I have that much work to do by Monday morning.

5. Yet another public speaking event foisted on me by people at work. Kim- why do people do this? You know how I love public speaking!

1 comment:

Kim/2 Kids said...

Where do you have to speak? Perhaps you could stand behind someone else on stage and grunt. That would be funny.