Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Am So Lame

My god, somewhere between my car and the room I have misplaced my camera. I even took pictures of the ride up to show you how bad the weather has been. It actually snowed on the ride and then it rained. If and when I find my camera I will post pictures. I am sending Tom down as he has risen to the challenge of taking my car apart. We will see if he is triumphant.

The resort we are staying in charges a resort fee of $20. Now I am all for the fair resort charge if includes all facilities. I understand the need to make rooms feel more affordable. However, I do have a beef when there is a resort charge and the pool has been closed, there are no bikes, spa is closed and there is a virtual village. There is really nothing to do here except eat, drink and then eat and drink some more. This would be more palatable if there was an open pool and I wouldn't have to move to the restaurant/bar to eat and drink.

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