Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday at Our House

Today was spent rearranging our children's rooms. Yesterday, the girls and I went to Pottery Barn Kids and bought new lines, curtains and lamps for each of their rooms. They are so excited. Last night, I took down the bunk beds. I was dreading this task considering it had taken a handyman four hours to put them together. It sucked as much as I thought it would. Afterwards, I was able to put the queen bed in daughter #1's room and adorn it with the linens. She slept there last night despite the entire room looking light a fucking bomb went off. Today, I reassembled the bunk beds as separate twins in daughter #2's room. I succeeded after two trips to the hardware store and wood gluing the portion I broke when slamming the mattress down in despair. I am happy with the way the little one's room looks and even happier when she proclaimed "I just love it, I just love it..I am going to sleep here all night!" Yeah, right. She hasn't slept alone for nine years except when she was left with a friend during the death of my father in-law. In fact, I am sure she didn't sleep alone then. If I remember she crawled in bed with Heather.

Well, before I could get to daughter #1's room I had to move the extra bed from the hallway downstairs to the spare room. For this, I needed help. I called upon my husband who had just come back from a bike ride. Now, let me paint you a husband doesn't do much manual labor. I was holding the bed frame waiting for him to help and he rounds the corner in his black jockey underwear. He is fully intent on moving the bed frame three floors in his underwear. I couldn't stop laughing. I have posted a picture of him so you can get a feel what I endured. Now, this picture isn't of him in his tidy blackies but it is of him getting ready to board a small water slide. This photo makes me laugh, who wears goggles on a water slide? Who flexes their muscles like that that isn't into bodybuilding? I guess the point is that through this work, yes it was work, my husband never ceases to surprise me and make me laugh.

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CP said...

OH I lauged so hard at this photo! T looks so funny and yet so proud of himself all at the same time. He really is such a sweetheart of a man!