Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Afternoon.

So, it's been a while since I posted. Why? Nothing too significant; just a crazy workload for most of the week and not much to say. I still don't feel like I have all that much to say. Perhaps the newness of the blog has worn off and, since we have little traffic and all of one comment, the whole blogosphere seems to be nonexistent for us. I don't know.
I guess I don't really get it. I visit other blogs and, since I've started this blog, I comment. I was diligent about commenting for 2 weeks and not one of those bloggers came by to see us. I'm a bit disillusioned by this fact. So many bloggers that complain on their blogs about "comment comment comment" and "I'll come by and do the same" and zilch. There is one blogger who took a bit of a much needed break, came back and said exactly that: please leave a comment and I promise to come by your blog and do the same. Yeah, not so much. I don't really want to turn into a 2 year old but I can't help but feel a little excluded from the whole blogging community right now. Sigh. Funny again, that's exactly what these same empty promise bloggers have said as well.
Well, that was a downer. Maybe it's PMS, maybe it's work exhaustion, maybe it's a little bit of frustration. Or all 3. Who knows? But, there you go. I don't know if I'll leave this up or not. Maybe Kim will bring me to my senses.

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Kim/2 Kids said...

We can't expect success right away. It is therapeutic for both us, well mostly me at the moment. I am going to post about the Lodge.