Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday mornings are a bitch.

OK OK, despite the title, my mood has actually improved a little since my post last night. Although, I did decide to leave it up. One thing (of many, I assure you) that bothers me is when people complain about the very same thing they do. Now, am I guilty of doing that as well? Of course. But, I do try to own up to my own irony/hypocrisy in those moments. Anyway, moving on.

So, there is something wrong with our spam filter at work and all of our junk mail is getting through to our inboxes. I just spent 15 minutes deleting crap from my Blackberry inbox as every email that hits my work inbox also goes to my Blackberry. At least it's not just me. I wonder what the lost productivity/billable time will be for today as there are currently a butt load of lawyers (now THAT's a funny statement) sitting in their offices, deleting email from their laptops. desk tops AND crackberries.

What else did you all miss out on last week? I did, in fact, give my presentation on Tuesday, complete with handouts and everything. No, I did not suffer a heart attack from my public speaking phobia. But, I DID NOT HAVE FUN PEOPLE. Oh, and it does NOT get easier with time so you can all shove that little nugget of non-wisdom where the sun does not shine. Which is apparently Seattle as we are now in the second week of April and still in winter conditions. I am so so tired of being cold all of the damn time.

That's about all I've got for Monday morning. Here's to hoping Kim had a good weekend and can share some happy thoughts with all of us. I seem to have cornered the market on the negative ones.

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